• Bible Believer’s Convention————————-July 8th -12th
  • 2nd Workers Training———————————July 31st
  • Neighborhood Outreach——————————August 3rd
  • Mingle.Com Relationship Conference———-August 28th-30th
  • Neighborhood Outreach——————————September 7th
  • School Of Ministry——-September 13th-15th-20th-22nd-27th and 29th
  • 3rd Workers Vigil—————————————–September 27th
  • Neighborhood Outreach——————————October 5th
  • Special Sunday service———————————October 13th and 20th
  • Mingle.Com Relationship Conference———-October 27th

Those are the Programs lined up for the Year 2019 and the Goal for the year is.

  • Spiritual Growth
  • Membership Growth
  • Financial Growth
  • Movement To Calvary